Tu-Mi Turtle


  • Plush fabric animal backpack with pull out character hood and arms to Hug and transform you into your favourite character.
  • Arms can be worn by putting arms through the wrist bands or by attaching to the backstraps via adjustable velcro sections
  • Backpack has a large opening for school lunches, books and clothes, small inside secret pocket.
  • Padded back and adjustable backstraps for maximum comfort
  • Approximate dimensions 36 x 30 x 12 cm
  • Fun character zip pullers and character passports
  • Good Toy Guide Approved, click here for more details.

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Here at Hug-mi™ HQ, we know you love dressing up and using your imagination, so wouldn't it be fun if you could take your favourite costume characters with you at all times?

Thats why we created Hug-mi™, the first Huggable backpack, combining 3 playful elements, a bag, a hat and a costume. Oh and not to mention a great BIG hug!

The bag is a substantial size and will accommodate a water bottle, lunch box, books and toys. It has a large front opening for easy access, a fold out character hat and patented fold out ‘arms’ which can be velcroed onto the back straps giving you a ‘hug’ whilst you're busy playing. For dress-up the ‘arms’ can be worn like sleeves allowing you to slip your hand into a soft plush wrist band so you can become the character!

We have designed our Hug-mi™ convertible backpacks for kids aged 4-8, of course if you are 9 and want to wear a Hug-mi™ product we will be extremely happy!

Our currency is Hugs and we spend freely. In order to keep on hugging we have adopted endangered animals, some of which have inspired our Hug-mi™ characters. As a company we will continue to support these specific charities and keep our Hug-mi™ community informed.

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Dimensions 36 x 30 x 12 cm