Animation covers many aspects of play, investigation, discovery, role play and transformation.

Whether you’re dressing up as Dragon-mi the Dragon, being hugged by Koh-mi the Koala bear, or going to the game wearing your teams flag, our product range aims to keep you smiling on the move.

A practical central carrybag allows you to take everything you need and still be able to transform into your favourite character or support your team or country without having to take a separate item with you.

Our fold-out character hat with patented fold-out ‘arms’ and ‘wings’ are quick to position.

Our Hug-mi™ backpacks feature plush arms that can be velcroed to the front of the shoulder straps giving the wearer a big ‘hug’.

“We wanted to create a product that would engage children and allow them to take a favourite character or animal everywhere with them in the form of a practical bag that can convert into a costume. In order to give children a sense of responsibility for the character and some awareness of the animal it’s based on, we actively adopt endangered animals, some of which have inspired our Hug-mi™ characters and as a company we will continue to support these specific charities and keep our Hug-mi™ community informed.”

The range consists of four collections:

      We hope you enjoy wearing our product as much as we enjoy creating it. 

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